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How to Do a Hand Reading

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How to Do a Hand Reading
How to Do a Hand Reading


Sit facing the person whose palms you are reading with the hands upright. Create an atmosphere that has good lighting. Don't use a lamp that will shine into your faces, but one that shines directly onto the hands. A magnifying glass works well for those who have very fine lines.


Determine which is the dominant hand. The dominant hand will show how the personality has changed and show future events. The other hand will show basic personality and predispositions as well as past and current events.


Ask the person to lay their hands on the table palms down. Flat hands with fingers open usually indicates a flexible person receptive to change. A person with closed fingers and with fingers that do not flex easily up away from the palm are usually more close minded and will need a certain amount of time to adjust to change.


Notice the size of the hands and how they are proportioned to the body. Big-handed people are more apt to handle jobs that are detailed and intricate, like a painter or surgeon. Small-handed people tend to do things in a more intuitive fashion. They are naturally impatient and this is intensified if the fingers are also short. Small-handed people tend to be very dynamic and are good at organizing and directing others.


Break down the shape of the hands into one of six categories. The elementary hand looks meaty and strong but not flexible. This person is not easily controlled. The square hand belongs to someone serious, practical, logical and solid. Not the most creative person and who is usually drawn to a more methodical career. The pointed hand is often lovely to behold and the hand of a dreamer, idealistic and sometimes impractical. The conical hand is tapered and round with long fingers. This person usually has an artistic temperament, emotional and very sensitive. The philosophic hand is denoted by its knotty joints. This is someone who thinks very deeply and very analytical. The spatulate hand has wide fingertips. This person is active, unconventional, imaginative and original. They can also be impatient and impulsive at times.


Classify the fingers into one of four shapes. The well organized and practical one belongs to those with square fingers. The difficult and more sensitive person would be someone with pointed fingers. The vulnerable and sympathetic one belongs to conical fingers. The active and energetic one belongs to the spatulate fingers.


Determine if the thumb is flexible or stiff. The flexible thumb is a person who is flexible and broad minded. Sometimes they can be a people pleaser and promise too much and end up disappointing friends. The stiff thumb is a person who is not as flexible and can tend to be opinionated and stubborn.



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